11 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Coach/Mentor


I opened up Facebook this morning and saw around 3-4 posts from people who are saying they are Coaches in the business of Real Estate… it got me thinking how important it is to understand that anyone can call themselves a ‘Coach’.

It’s also incredibly important for anyone considering using a Coach to do their own research. It’s the only way to be sure that you’re hiring someone who can actually add value to your investing team.


Here are the top 11 things to look for when picking a Mentor/Coach to help you build your real estate portfolio.

  1. How many properties do they own themselves?
  2. How many did they buy in 2018?
  3. How many will they buy in 2019? These two are important to know as so many people who say they are coaches have not bought a property in many, many years and are not buying now! This means they don’t understand the current market climate.
  4. Do they light you up when you talk to them?
  5. Do their values align with yours?
  6. Do they have the lifestyle you want? (travel, cars, houses, etc.)
  7. Do they have balance? Family? Work? Sports?
  8. What’s their motivation in being a coach? Do they need the money?
  9. Ask to look at their portfolio. It’s sad how many people say they own and have done X when really they have done and own Y.
  10. What ongoing growth are they doing for their business and personal growth?
  11. Whatever they are saying they are great at—get references! If they are promoting Joint Venture teachings, then ask to talk to their Joint Ventures. If they are promoting Flips, then ask to talk to the people who’ve bought them. If they are promoting buying, then ask to see what they are buying themselves. DO NOT just ask for client references.

These are 11 questions you HAVE to ask when deciding to follow someone into the game of real estate investing. It doesn’t matter if its a Real Estate Group or a private person you are looking to follow as these questions are the same for both.

Follow the right people/groups for the best success. Simple!


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