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Strategic renovations

add value to your Edmonton income property

Renovated properties rent 50% to 70% faster

Any amount of capital invested into renovations, no matter how small, has one clear and undeniable benefit: it increases the profitability and desirability of a home.

If your intention is to flip your property ASAP, renovating will allow you to sell for a higher market price. If you’re planning to keep the property as a long-term investment, renovations will attract more qualified tenants who will pay a higher rent. A smart investment increases the overall value of your home by an absolute minimum of 50% of what you spent. We help you understand what will–and what won’t–add value to your property. We also align your goals with a renovation plan that maximizes your budget and keeps your home looking incredible.


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kitchen renovation in Edmonton income property

With more than 125 properties in our renovations portfolio, we have seen every size and shape renovation job you can imagine!

Above all, we always ensure that any work we do matches well with the local area and market climate. Sinking thousands of dollars of materials and work in a low-rent neighborhood won’t give you the ROI you’re hoping for.

We specialize in basement development that adds a fully functional basement suite to your property. Since we have over 125 renovations under our belt, we’re well versed in Edmonton’s renovation laws, regulations, and best practices. Our front-line experience means that we also know what tenants and home buyers want. Most importantly, we know how to satisfy those needs effectively, efficiently and economically, so that you are ultimately able to reap the benefits.

For your renovation projects, Tilt delivers:

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Find out how smart renovations can improve your ROI on property investment.

Even if you are not a client of Tilt, feel free to call us for help with maintenance, repairs or renovations!