Why Tilt

You benefit from our income property experience

  • Investors in Edmonton Property Market since 2003
  • 450 properties under management
  • Personal portfolio of 118 properties
  • Staff: door ratio of 40
  • Renovated and enhanced over 125 properties
  • Low vacancy rates
  • High market rental rates

Our own experiences in income property investment are the reason behind our all-encompassing service offerings. Whenever we encounter problems, we implement systems so we (and you) never have to deal with it again. Since we’ve personally transacted over 300 properties, by this point we’ve pretty much seen it all. By investing with Tilt, you invest with a team of people behind you who truly care about your success.

Krista and Jared Hope — Our story

Unbeknownst to us, 2002 was really the year that Tilt began. After an injury sidelined Jared’s professional hockey career, we needed a place to live. We were newly engaged and Edmonton was home.

We picked a nice $140,000 home in the Capilano area of Edmonton. We rented out the basement suite for $525 a month and took in a boarder upstairs for an additional $300.00 per month. The mortgage, taxes and insurance cost about a grand, so we dipped into our own shallow pockets for just $175.00 monthly.

We figured this might be a good way to make a living, so we started to get an education about investing in income real estate. We had some ups and downs. Jared worked hard at his day job (running a gym) and Krista helped organize the books. Our portfolio grew and grew, and so did the problems. Most of the challenges we faced involved Property Managers. It was so difficult to find someone we could work with, someone we could count on, someone with the drive and passion we had for creating a lucrative and streamlined portfolio of income properties.

So, as our portfolio grew–up to $14 million and 90 properties by 2009–Jared took on the Property Management role. He built our team with maintenance guys and assistants. Additionally, he developed amazingly simple, but surprisingly effective,  systems for finding properties, locking down great tenants, collecting rents and doing the right renovations at the perfect time. He realized we needed specialized divisions for collections, renovations, and maintenance for seamless property management.  We learned the hard way how to finance our multiple investments, and how to avoid the pitfalls that swallow up so many well-intentioned investors.  We realized a few years ago that we had a wealth of expertise borne out of experience.

As a result, we began to develop the client side of our business to help other people do what we do. We started flipping houses and offering them at low property management rates to make income property more accessible for the everyday Canadian. Later on, we established an in-house realty division to give our investors the ability to easily buy and sell their homes in Edmonton. We also developed a mastermind program focused on investment coaching to empower our clients to be in control of their own portfolios.


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