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Investment Services

For Edmonton Income Properties

Why invest in income property with Tilt?

Having a well-structured income property investment portfolio is one of the best avenues to financial freedom. Savvy investors enjoy the benefits of smart investments:

  • Supplement existing income to relieve stress and pressure.
  • Secure opportunities for long-term growth and stability.
  • Set up a plan to achieve financial goals; such as an elite education for your children, or a comfortable retirement.

Simply put–we make it easy to own income property. It’s easy to acquire, easy to manage, and easy to grow your portfolio. You benefit from coaching at every stage of income property investment. Above all, you’ll discover how simple and accessible real estate investing can be when you’re working with the right people. Every investment decision you make will be a smart one.

Education is at the core of our investment network. Tilt knows the difference between book learning and practical analysis. For today’s real estate investor, that means getting a feel for the neighborhood, not just looking at the address. It means reading between the financial lines to see pitfalls and possibilities.

We graduated from the school of hard-knock learning. We made some truly bad buys. Because we learned from those errors, we now know how to find our clients the best opportunities in the Edmonton market.

Tilt’s proven real estate
investment process

One-on-one investment coaching

Meet, discover, plan

We’ll determine your financial goals and investment capital. Then we'll build a portfolio around them to optimize your monthly cash flows.

Purchasing the right income property

Complete contract of purchase and sale on property

Our clients have first dibs on Tilt's investment qualified properties. We also have a realty division that sources our market to find you the perfect property.

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Renting your income property

Our tenant management process gets your unit rented

We use our systems to find, screen and sign the right tenants for your property.

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Managing your income property

Maintenance, repairs, renovations, collections

We take care of your property and your tenants. Let fully managed income properties generate wealth for you, stress free.

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Growing your portfolio

We watch the market for you

Our team keeps tabs on your income property portfolio. We’re continually trying to find you the best opportunities Edmonton has to offer.

Investors in Edmonton property market since 2003


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Renovated Properties

Benefit from Tilt’s income property investment &
rental management expertise


Our market knowledge keeps us on top of relevant trends. This includes what areas are under-priced, and therefore have the greatest potential ROI.


We select properties for our clients based on rigorous criteria. If we can’t find a buyer, we happily keep the house.


First, we define the tenant you need to meet your financial goals. Only then can we find you the perfect property. Most buyers get it backward; they buy a house and then try to attract their ideal tenant.


Regardless of your tenant profile, your property must be in a good location. Buying close to major roadways, public transit, and shopping offers potential buyers convenience and accessibility. As a result, you get a bigger pool of qualified tenants to choose from.


Like any other discipline, real estate investing can be broken down into systems and processes. We’ve created our own to keep us on track. As a result, our client’s homes always have a strong upside, excellent rentability, and low long-term maintenance.


We know that investing in real estate is incredibly daunting. That’s why we don’t want you to do it alone. Tilt is here to help you through the investment process, from beginning to end. Our mastermind program fosters our client’s knowledge and development through every stage of investment.

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