Property Maintenance & Repairs in Edmonton

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Protect the value of your income property

At some point, your property will require maintenance and repairs. Our philosophy is simple: maintain the property to maintain the profit. In the past, property managers we hired showed, at best, a lackluster effort to respond efficiently to our tenant’s requests for maintenance.

A convoluted system between management companies, our tenants, and third-party contractors, plumbers, and repairmen led to large delays in effective repair. We developed an in-house maintenance and repair division so that we are able to respond immediately to tenant maintenance requests with consistently excellent service.

Timely property maintenance kills three birds with one stone:

  • property value maintained
  • lower turnover
  • lower ongoing repair expenses

Tilt maintains a diverse network of reputable contractors and reliable professionals who can facilitate any repair. Our goal is to protect your investment – your property. This means that we give careful consideration to the cost and quality of work, and where they intersect.

We are 100% diligent in keeping all of our managed suites in tip-top shape; and, if the owners budget allows, adding some innovative and effective renovations to increase the overall value of the property. Properly maintaining rental units will lower ongoing maintenance expenses over the long term. Once a tenant has made a maintenance repair request, our team is on the job as fast as humanly possible. We never leave an issue lingering because it would compromise the value of your property and satisfaction of your tenants.

Benefits of our in-house
maintenance & repair team

  • Unbeatable service response times
  • Cost-effective repairs
  • Consistency with property’s existing design, materials, and build
  • Fully-managed, hassle-free maintenance process
  • Fully detailed maintenance report and photos through online portal
  • Sign-off on any amount over $650 to keep you aware of changes
  • 24-Hour Emergency Call Out – Despite the best efforts, emergencies arise. Pipes burst in extreme cold; windows break… stuff happens. Unexpected and sometimes serious repairs arise, and they need immediate action.
renovations and maintenance action shot

The Tilt team can handle all service requests, maintenance issues and emergencies


Fire restoration
Flood restoration
Flood prevention
Basement leaks

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