Property Management Services in Edmonton and Grande Prairie

Let fully managed income properties generate wealth for you, stress free.

Professional property management makes it easier to be a landlord

We offer our clients the best and most comprehensive property management services in Edmonton and Grande Prairie. Whether you live in Alberta, or elsewhere, our systems and procedures were developed so that our clients can enjoy easy, stress-free home ownership.  We use the same high standard of performance and proven techniques for our clients as we do for ourselves. Benefit from all the lessons we learned. Let us manage your properties as we do our own.

  • Staff: door ratio of 40
  • Personally transacted over 300 properties
  • Portfolio of over 150 managed properties
  • Low vacancy rates
  • High market rental rates
  • In-house collection agency
  • Internal maintenance and repair division
  • Owner portal updated in real time 24/7
  • Proven tenant management program


If you own your home, read more about our
management services to see how simple it is to
keep tabs on multiple managed properties! Our
property management services wouldn’t be what
they are without our in-house collection agency
or maintenance and repair division.


If you’re not a home owner yet, learn more
about real estate investing or sign up for our
mastermind program to set up a more formal
education plan for all of your investment needs.

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