Collecting overdue payments from tenants

Collection services for Alberta income property owners
There is one part of income property ownership that strikes fear into many potential investors: collecting rent.

We’re no stranger to late payments, slacker property managers who don’t collect on time, bad bookkeeping, and many more awkward and stressful situations. With over 450 properties in our portfolio, rent collecting is a massive—and crucial—element of our business. As a result, we developed a specialized in-house collections agency. We know that you count on your revenue from income property to finance the rest of your life, so we take timely collections extremely seriously. Even though we manage to avoid major issues due to proper tenant screening and management, things still happen. When one of your tenants doesn’t pay rent on time, our dedicated collections agency is on it.

Benefits of Tilt’s
collection services


Outsourcing collections to a third party agency can lead to delays in collecting rent. By taking immediate internal action, we can get issues resolved far more quickly.


Receiving timely rent and damage payment is a quintessential component of having a fully managed property.


We handle all the legal paperwork to the exact requirements of existing legislation. We protect the rights and obligations of both you and your tenants. You will always know exactly when you will collect your rent, no matter what. Tilt also works with you and your renters to make the entire process as painless and predictable as possible.


Even if you’re not a current Tilt client, we can still help you collect your debt. Tell us a bit more about your situation so that we can get back to you with how much it will cost and if it’s worth it for you to collect. Fill out the form below to get started.

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