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Tilt Investment Property School (TIPS)


Tilt Investment Property School is a program for people who want to become successful real estate investors in the next 8 months.


Decide if TIPS is right for you by booking a free 30-minute coaching call with Jared Hope—no strings attached. We’ll go over your goals, ideal real estate portfolio and discuss what’s holding you back. The coaching call is a great way to get clarity and guidance on how to overcome common hurdles in real estate investing. After the call, you can decide if you’d like to sign up for the TIPS 8-month program.


About the 8-month program…

TIPS was created to give potential investors the extra support, knowledge and accountability that you need to invest in a property in 8 months.

Every week, we set a new goal together that moves you one step closer to getting your property. Even more importantly, we hold you accountable for getting it done.

We’re not an information-based seminar, we’re geared towards taking action. We work with you every step of the way and provide you with information and support specific to your portfolio.


Common hurdles we help people overcome to invest in 8 months:

  • Messy personal accounting
  • Not being able to save enough capital
  • Overcoming fear of the market and confusion
  • Getting clarity on personal goals
  • Getting educated on the market, properties and real estate strategies
  • Getting aligned with spouse — making real estate investing something both people enjoy doing

What you get when you join TIPS:

  • Three personal coaching sessions/month including personal coaching with spouse to align goals and mindsets
  • Monthly group meetings
  • Unlimited call/text/email support from coach Jared Hope throughout every stage of the investing progress
  • Free entry to any live events hosted by Tilt, including quarterly, bootcamps or workshops
  • One-on-one hand-holding on property negotiations and purchasing including property review and analysis prior to purchase or sale
  • Access to Tilt Realty Team
  • Special pricing from Tilt service providers
  • Private Facebook group with videos, case studies, questions and answers, etc.
  • Documents you will need before, during and after your purchase
  • Creation of your purpose and roadmap for the next 8 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc.

“At the beginning, what was holding me back was saving enough cash to buy another property. Now, I’m confident about where we are and aware of more options on how we can proceed with our business.”


“The most surprising thing I learned about real estate is that it is really easy to do! I feel very inspired and confident that we have created another path of purpose. Love that we are increasing our net worth as well. I am proud and humbled at the same time from what I have Great experience!!”


“I joined Tilt because  I wanted to learn more “real world” investing strategies and have the ability to contact a coach with a question or deal review and get honest feedback and guidance.   The calls with Jared were very informative for Lorraine and I, specifically with regards to the AFS and JV information, much of which was new to us.  I also felt that if we had questions about a specific deal or scenario, Jared was very effective at providing us his immediate opinion or learning point.”

– Jim

“The most surprising thing I learned about myself was that I don’t hate real estate, I just hate the way we had been going about it and our struggle with unity, trust and systems. I’m thrilled that we got back on track and both want the same things again!”


“The number one obstacle before the program was fear and not understanding what real estate investing was and how it benefits us in the long run. Because of this bootcamp, it paid for itself on helping us achieve an understanding of each others goals and wants and finding our roles on how to move forward and not stay still. This is an accomplishment for us and has made us better partners to go ahead.”


“The most surprising thing I learned about myself was how being indecisive/overthinking things can hold me back. I do feel accomplished with the program. It is a relief that we have finally completed the purchase and filled our new property with tenants. I feel great that Mary now takes more of an interest in our investing and we are working now as more of a team.”


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