Making Legal Basement & Secondary Suites in Edmonton

The city of Edmonton checks for these 7 things when they assess basement and secondary suites:


          1. Rooms and spaces must abide by certain size and height guidelines

          2. Suite entrances must be built and located according to code

          3. Bedroom windows must be built and located according to code

          4. Heating and ventilation system must be installed according to code

          5. Must satisfy parking requirements

          6. Must be in accordance with zoning regulations of your specific neighborhood

          7. Must meet fire guidelines that meet the Alberta Fire Code and pass a fire inspection


If these criteria are not met, your suite will be deemed “non-conforming”, your tenants will be evicted immediately and you will be issued a fine. About 90% of the time, the city will allow you to do the necessary construction and renovations to get your property up to code. It is exponentially cheaper and easier to ensure that your suite is legal before this inspection inevitably occurs.

Our Secondary Suite development starts with a walk-through of your property to identify which of these criteria are unmet. We’ll get the permits we need to get make your suite completely legal so that you (and your tenants) can relax knowing you’re fully covered.

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With more than 125 properties in our renovations portfolio, we’ve become experts in legally suited basement renovations that maximize your return on investment.

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We specialize in basement development that adds a fully functional basement suite to your property. Since we have over 125 renovations under our belt, we’re extremely well versed in Edmonton’s renovation and secondary suite bylaws, requirements, codes and best practices. Our front-line experience means that we also know what tenants and home buyers want. Most importantly, we know how to satisfy those needs effectively, efficiently and economically, so that you are ultimately able to reap the benefits.

Above all, we always ensure that any work we do matches well with the local area and market climate. Sinking thousands of dollars of materials and work in a low-rent neighborhood won’t give you the ROI you’re hoping for.

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It’s the best way to find out if your property is legal, what kind of renovations are necessary and how much you should be budgeting for this project. Please fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.